Photo: College of Social Work at a Glance

College of Social Work at a Glance

We collaborate with the local, national and international communities to promote social well-being and social justice through dynamic teaching, research and service. Our graduates find careers in gerontology, health care, mental health and addiction services, youth services, support for military members and their families, community organizing, advocacy and social policy.

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  • Infographic: 202 undergrad, 641 grad, 23 post-grad
  • Infographic: Degrees Awarded: 45 Bachelor's, 271 Master's, 1 Doctorate, 20 Certificates
  • Infographic:  $14.3 Million in Research Funding
  • Infographic:  Programs: 1 Bachelor's, 1 Master's, 1 Doctorate, 3 Certificates
  • Infographic:  13% Male Students, 87% Female Students
  • Infographic: 24 Tenured/Tenure Track Faculty, 10 Clinical Faculty, 8 Research Faculty

Statistics are from the most recent available academic year.